Kiel University



The Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet of Kiel (CAU) is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. It uses responsible actions to make sure that scientific discoveries are transferred into all sectors of our society by interdisciplinary, and it is dedicated to research-based teaching and learning. Therefore, the development of new teaching approaches is evolving constantly at the interfaces between research from all the different scientific disciplines. Marine Sciences are one of the four priority research areas of CAU. The institute is involved in numerous national and international projects. Marine Geophysics and Hydroacoustic research group is the one involved in this project. It is specialized in seafloor and subseafloor imaging. The group operates a high-resolution multi-channel seismic system, various hydroacoustic tools and drones. Main applications are the investigations of submarine geohazards, sediment transport patterns at continental margins, the investigation of lakes, and habitat mapping.

Sebastian Krastel

Professor of Marine Geophysics. He is specialist in high-resolution acoustic imaging of marine and lake sediments, His areas of interest are: the investigation of sediments transport processes at continental margins and in shelf areas; the development of innovative acoustic mapping methods;the investigation of geohazards as well as scientific drilling.

Felix Gross

Researcher. He is head of the group “Marine and Coastal Geohazards” at the Center for Ocean and Society. In his research, Felix focusses on true land to sea (L2S) approaches to assess shoreline crossing geohazards like earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis. For this L2S approach, Felix and his working group use hydroacoustic- and seismic techniques to image the seafloor and its surface as well as Uncrewed Aerial Systems for coastal areas. A main aim of his working group is to foster and advance stakeholder dialogue by immersive Virtual Reality Environments, as well as media formats like 360° Virtual Tours and other video formats.